The Heart Tika History

The Lotus-Born Master of Uddiyana.
Dam chos rdzogs pa chen po sde gsum las. lo rgyus snying gi ti ka bzhugs so.


Namo Guru.

Among the six sections of the sacred teachings of the Great Perfection, first, for the section on history there are three cycles: the earlier, middle and final.
The first is comprised of these five: the ground tantra which is Samantabhadra, the path which is great wisdom, the retinue which is inconceivable, the time which is without beginning and end, and the realm which is all-pervasive. Thus is the Great Perfection instructed. Samaya, seal.

In Akanishtha the teacher Vajrasattva, to the retinue of the five families, taught at a time that is primordially pure and originally luminous. Samaya, seal.
In the divine realm of the Thirty-Three, in the Ocean Depth, and on the Meteoric Iron Peak, as the six classes of beings the six and nine Munis, at the time while Samantabhadra was teaching, they fully manifested in the realms of beings. Samaya, seal.
Garab Dorje went to Akanishtha and from Vajrasattva received the six million tantras. He bestowed them on Manjushrimitra, like filling a vase to the brim, who then untied the seals for Shri Singha by explaining them in utter completeness. Samaya, seal.

For the second main point, among the ten secrecies of Secret Mantra it is in general essential to keep the guru secret, but in particular, it is the Indian tradition to keep one’s Guru extremely secret. Especially the the great master Uddiyana had said, “Keep your Guru’s name extremely secret!” We only heard it as the last of the final words of concluding goodness, since it was not heard among the hundred of the hundred and fifty years he remained in Tibet.
The way we heard it was this. It was accepted by all the lotsawas and panditas as being renowned over all of India that Orgyen Rinpoche had received the empowerment for the expression of awareness, but it was not known who the master was that had conferred the expression empowerment. I myself had by means of various ploys many times tried to hear his name but had not been given even a fragment. At a certain time, on the occasion of the great New Year celebration of Tibet, Trisong Deutsen who was at the head of the row said:

The one who has been the most gracious to us all is Guru Rinpoche. At present he resides in Mön and I hear that he has revealed his bodily presence as being the peaceful and wrathful deities of the Magical Net for several fortunate people of Mön including Tashi Kyedren of that area. As well he has shown many miraculous displays never heard of before. No matter what type of miracles the other learned and accomplished lotsawas and panditas exhibit, they are no match for the great master of Uddiyana.
The fact is that no one else than the Uddiyana master is known to have obtained the empowerment for the expression of awareness. I have heard from Buddhaguhya how in the noble land of India there is an incomparable master conferring the empowerment for the expression of awareness who has achieved the body of wisdom. Since there is no other way to be certain, I feel it is imperative that during this coming year we should all be tireless in the pursuit of, at best, hearing teachings which this master has bestowed on our guru, as the next best, hearing his life story, or at least, hearing his name.

Hence it was agreed upon to do so. When the precious master of Uddiyana was invited to Sheldrak, the king, being the closest heart disciple made the request but was not told. At the invitation to Tramdruk many disciples asked but were also not told. The king personally invited him to Butsal Palace, and asked amidst numerous worldy luxuries, but, instead of being told, got this reply: “If I utter my guru’s name the earth of Tibet will tremble.”
Then he proceded on to the Translation Temple, and on one occasion while acting as a lotsawa he was translating many teachings, the king made his request to both Guru Rinpoche and Vimalamitra. Vimalamitra, assessing the Uddiyana master’s intent, said nothing. Guru Rinpoche himself continued his Dharma discourse.
Later on, on the special tenth day of the Monkey month in the Monkey Year, the precious master of Uddiyana rose early from the middle chamber of Samye and departed for Chimpu, where he told the king and the disciples to gather, taking as his attendants Drogben the translator and Lady Shelkar. The king and all the disciples arrived later in a hurry.
Here the master of Uddiyana, after blessing the domain of Samye Chimpu into being an immense pure realm, revealed himself in the forms of the three hundred and sixty tamers of beings. The master then spoke:

Now, as for the subject of the king and the disciples having steadily pleaded again and again and with great perseverance. You have begged me to tell the name of my root guru, and throughout day and night all of you have had not other thought than that. I will fullfill your desired aim to the utmost degree. Therefore, my guru, whose name is hard to utter, the one who has achieved the body of wisdom, is known as Glorious Heruka Fearless Shri Singha.

As he spoke this all the sugatas filled the expanse of sky, and the air everywhere was suffused with blessings. The earth shook in six different ways and was pervaded by lights and spheres. The king and the disciples were thrilled with joy and in that very moment saw the wisdom of unity. At this time even the mountains, the trees and the bushes bowed their heads in the direction of India.
Once again the king and all the disciples, while making an immense mandala offering of riches and the accumulation of merit, pleaded to be given the teachings that has been taught by him, but the guru did not give.
Later after having returned to Samye, in the middle chamber of the central temple, Trisong Deutsen, Vairochana, Namkhai Nyingpo, Yeshe Tsogyal, Prince Mutri, Bendhe Yeshe of Ngenlam, Jnana of Nyag, Könchok of Langdro, and Dorje Düjom, who were all accompanied by their consorts, were conferred the Important for All empowerment of Shri Singha. Then he gave the empowerment for the Combined Realization of the thirty-one masters of the Outer Mind Section, the empowerment for the Yidams of Vajradhatu as an anointment, and the instruction Shooting the Arrows of the Letter A. Thus he conferred the general outer empowerments.
From the Inner Space Section, he gave the Consecration of the Fifteen Vidyadharas, the symbolic empowerment of the Twelve Teachers, and the Ninefold Basics as the essential empowerment for Ngöndzok Gyalpo. Thus he conferred the three empowerments of the Inner Cycle.
From the Secret Instruction Cycle, he gave the Consecration of the Fifteen Vidyadharas, the Peaceful and Wrathful Essential Empowerment, and the Combined Empowerment of Eight Sadhana Empowerments. Thus he conferred the three empowerments of the Secret Cycle.
Following that he bestowed upon them the Ninefold Sadhanas, and brought them to maturation by means of the Three Symbolic Empowerments for the Dzogchen Preliminaries. He liberated them by means of the Three Guidance Texts of the Main Part, and brought their liberation to perfection through the Three Concluding Instructions. Samaya, seal.

The third general topic has two points as well. In India the master Vairochana who had met Shri Singha, the achiever of the body of wisdom, and received three sets of teachings the middle of which he had not taught to anyone, was believed to have taught it in the area of Gyalmo Rong, but we were not sure of that. Though I personally and Yudra Nyingpo both repeatedly requested him, the master replied:

I will possibly give, but possibly not.
If possibly, it is to the one named Mipham.
If possibly not, it will be kept in dharmakaya.

When we considered what the master had said, it was most certainly to someone named Mipham who had attained the body of wisdom and whose hearing lineage was spreading far and wide. Always I longed to receive it but although I asked numerous times he did not consent.
At a later point, when the master was meditating in the Kham area upon the Black Boulder of Dam *[dam gyi pha bong nag po], with the command of the precious master of Uddiyana, he bestowed upon us merely the root verses of the teaching. These he instructed me that I must promise to write down and within the span of three months conceal as a terma.
Now for the second point, how the terma was concealed. In general the great master of Uddiyana visited Kham three times, the last of which seems to be close to his departure for the land of rakshasas to the south-west. The reason for this can be understood from the great master of Uddiyana having said, “Within ten years my actual body will not be in Tibet.”
At this time Prince Murub Tseypo who was in exile in Kham as punishment for him having killed the son of Trisong Deutsen’s minister Uring, invited the great master of Uddiyana. When binding the gods and demons under oath, he had already placed his feet everywhere in the entire land, leaving out not even the size of an arrow’s length. On this later occasion when he disclosed the mandala of the Dharma Ocean that Embodies the Teachings at Namkha Dzö in Kham, while on his way to Dentig Cliff of Ma, he remained for three months practicing the sadhana of the Assemblage of Sugatas in the Lotus Crystal Cave at the cliffs of Meshö Dzom which is one of the four major Shö.
During this time Uddiyana merely focused his mind on Shri Singha who then arrived in person in his body of wisdom. In the upper Secret Cave, the two masters conversed on the Dharma and he gave his permission for scriptures to be concealed as a terma, which I then did. At this time also the master Vairochana met him and thus the masters of the Three Sections met together in actuality.
The keepers entrusted with the terma were three: on the outer level Kyebu Dorje Lekpa, on the inner level Barwa Meyi Dongchen, and on the secret level Mamo Shogö Tsal. Samaya, seal, seal, seal.

This wonderful Heart Tika History is concealed as terma for the benefit of future followers. At a certain time, may it meet with the destined son! After meeting him, may many fortunate people be liberated!
[Sign script]

While this was gradually decoded from the yellow parchment which the incarnated great tertön Chokgyur Lingpa had revealed from the cealing of the Lotus Crystal Cave, it was put into writing by Khyentse Wangpo, the joyful servant of the Lotus-Born Guru. May it be virtuous.

At Nagi Gompa, the blessed hermitage of Kyabje Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, where he numerous times had conferred the empowerments for Dzogchen Desum, this first draft of the history of these precious teachings was made with tears of both joy and sadness, in ‘97, by Erik Pema Kunsang.

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