Khenpo Gangshar's instruction in continously integrating ground, path and fruition from the Mahamudra ngondro.

An instruction in continously integrating ground, path and
fruition from the Mahamudra ngondro.

On your sky beyond all clinging gather many kindness clouds,
So your rain of sublime teachings moisten fields of every fortunate.
Base for help and happiness to nurture worthy sprouts in beings’ minds
Splendid guru, hallowed in all gratitude, please remain within my heart.

Hear, hear! Now listen here, o children of good fortune !!!
Right now while you have gained the human form of greatest purpose,
Don’t ignore this find of such a precious gem.
But take advantage of its freedoms and its riches to the fullest.

You may have gained what's hard to find but the time of death is never certain,
So why is it that you don't remember things' impermanence and death?
But once you think sincerely about the fact that you'll die,
Do you have the guts to cheat about the consequence of actions?

And more, no matter how much goodness of conditioned types you gather,
They cannot take you beyond the causes of samsara.
So when you study all the pains within samsara,
Wouldn't you rather win great emptiness that is your basic kingdom?

If you wish to be free quick, out of samsara's ocean,
Then take as lasting refuge the unfailing triple jewels.
Not just for you, which is a shallow refuge,
But always train in the awakened mind of helping others.

Since the heart of helping others is to gather stocks of merit.
Treasure as the foremost gathering-cleaning six paramitas' practice.
Dissolve their hindrances into the heart of Vajrasattva.
To progress and to clear obstacles away think of the guru's kindness.

Don't get distracted by ngondros and by complex words,
But if you ponder this, the nature most essential,
You can bring both ngondro and the main part into your experience,
And without a doubt you'll vanquish all the maras of emotions.

Now, unless you can distinguish the ground, path and fruit, all three,
You'll be like travelling through lands of unknown canyons.
Rather, make yourself familiar with this Mahamudra path,
The highest point of sutras, tantras, causes and effect, all the yanas,

Even though your mind in essence is the timeless buddha,
Not knowing this, once you have strayed into illusions,
This ocean of samsara, tortured under dukha, all the like and the dislike,
Is in every vehicle regarded as the ground.

But every time that these illusions rise if you can just maintain
The ordinary naked state of freshness, open, empty knowing,
You will meet your natural state, transcending help and harm,
And that itself is given just the label which is 'path'.

When there is no distraction, neither during day nor night,
An all-pervasive evenness, freed from narrow hopes and fears,
When wisdom strength has burgeoned and compassion overflows,
Samsara and nirvana realized - that is the fruit.

Recognize that these three are the ground, path and the fruit.
But if you don't familiarize yourself continuously,
There's not much point in just a glimpse of understanding,
So try to always integrate them into your own mind.

These are the deepest key points of my own practice,
When they are given as advice to others out of kindness,
They will bring a vast, unceasing benefit for others,
So treasure them with the skillful wheel of insight.

These words of advice in harmony with my experience
Short, concise, deep meaning, the essentials,
Presented to the Surmang vajra master Salje Dampa
As freely written by the beggar Gangshar Wangpo.

Translated for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s teachings at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde by Erik Pema Kunsang.

Book in English by Thrangu Rinpoche with Khenpo Gangshar's teachings: Vivid Awareness: The Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar

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