Transmission of Blessings from the Mind Section of the Great Perfection.

Transmission of Blessings

When Samantabhadra spoke
from dharmadhatu’s space,
Vajrasattva heard it
from the spacious vast.

When Vajrasattva spoke
from the spacious vast,
Prahevajra heard it
from Mount Meru’s peak.

When Prahevajra spoke
from Mount Meru’s peak,
Manjushrimitra heard it
from Mount Meru’s slope.

When Manjushrimitra spoke
from Mount Meru’s slope,
Shri Singha heard it
from Mount Meru’s base.

When Shri Singha spoke
from Mount Meru’s base,
Padmasambhava heard it
from the ocean’s shore.

When Padmasambhava spoke
from the ocean’s shore,
Yeshe Tsogyal heard it
from the snowy Tibet.

It could not be known
through the spoken word,
But by the force of blessings,
they were matured and freed.

Samantabhadra is
beyond confines of thought.
Every being is suffused
with the awakened state.

Buddhafields and worlds
are states of greatest ease.
Self-existing knowing
fills the wakeful state.

From the early transmission of the Mind Section teachings in the Great Perfection.

Translated to be chanted in English, by Erik Pema Kunsang with Tara Trinley Wangmo, 2007.

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