Vajra Song of Drubwang Tsoknyi, the First

Drubwang Tsoknyi, the Third, at Nagi Gompa Hermitage.

A la la ho!

Vajradhara, lord who pervades all families,

Gracious father guru, I supplicate you.

Within the sky of nonarising mind,

The myriad appearances, no matter how they emerge,

When I don’t accept or reject, confirm or deny, they dissolve into space.

The mind of this yogi of nonarising is completely at ease!

I shall sing you a song about the empty bliss of this ease.

Listen here all of you fortunate men and women!

Since it is hard for people of this dark age to pay attention,

Listen here you worthy men and women!

Even just to see or meet me,

A yogi with whom every link is meaningful,

Is a meeting with one who is very rare to meet.

All your myriad mundane deeds

And all your possible deluded thoughts—

Let them be in the nondual state beyond concepts.

Free of the notion of seer and seen,

While you sustain the essence of your mind,

Meditator and meditated dissolve into space,

And there is not even the words ‘meditation beyond concepts.’

This empty bliss that is unceasing

Is the kindness of the glorious father guru.

I am a yogi who gladly accepts

Meat, wine and mudra.

Like the Indian peacock feasting on poison,

All the emotions, no matter which,

Are my great adornments, the five wisdoms.

If you want to share your father’s experience, follow me!

No matter which emotion I experience,

I am an untainted yogi who brings the five poisons to the path.

All of you benefactors, male or female, high or low,

Every link you make with me will be meaningful,

And surely, you will gain rebirth on the glorious island of Chamara.

To be free of doubt has inconceivable benefit.

I am a yogi who enjoys whatever arises.

This is the domain of the vajra vehicle.

Having crossed the lesser vehicle’s conceptual boundaries,

I am a yogi who delights in the greater vehicle.

By singing this song free of mental constructs,

May your minds enjoy the vajra vehicle

And may it bring you to the glorious island of Chamara.

In the sacred place known as Serkyam, as my worthy disciples Drodön Tsogyal and Döndrub Drölma provided the auspicious coincidence with precious gifts, this was uttered by Ngawang Tsoknyi while taking as path the vajra vehicle of Secret Mantra by enjoying the spontaneity of whatever arises. May it be virtuous. May it be virtuous. May it be virtuous.

According to the wish of the third Drubwang Tsoknyi tulku, this was freely translated by Erik Pema Kunsang, 2003.