Erik's introduktion to the biography

It’s March 18, 2006. I’m at my house in Nagi Gompa. I’m surrounded by lovely flowers in a multitude of colours, overlooking the Kathmandu valley. There are snapdragons, sweet peas, and red roses; the azaleas have just blossomed, the Japanese cherry flowers have already fallen, the bougainvillea is in full bloom, the white jasmine is gently spreading its sweet fragrance, the bamboo are growing tall and the white orchids are in blossom.

The setting is idyllic.

Several years ago Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche clearly said that should I write stories from my youth and about what brought me to make the journey from Europe to Asia to find the Buddha’s teachings, the wisdom masters, their teachings and how I learned to translate these precious gemstones of human civilization.

But how can one adequately describe the wonderful, mystical sceneries that make up the moments in the life of a human being? Our lives are all infinite, both in space and in time, what we notice and remember is not much at all, and what we can recount in words is only a fraction of that. And among words, even less seems to have any meaning and are worth sharing. But isn’t it true that among the infinitely few memories there are some that stay so vividly in one’s mind and have such an importance that they are worth sharing?

I have met some of the most remarkable Buddhist masters of our times. While receiving their advice, translating for them, I witnessed their way of being. During their teaching tours we had wonderful conversations, and all the questions I could possibly have were answered.

They all were bearers of some extraordinary quality. One may say that they intermittently embodied an unshakable repose, a free and noble will, a steady and ongoing openness. Some had an unusual openness of mind which in the deepest sense holds no prejudice against anything at all, a real freedom from preconceived ideas.

I was often touched by a master’s abilities in transmitting insight in such a way that the insight became one’s own. And in deep awe by the masters who held alive the tantric teachings, those enormous treasuries of wisdom and methods that solve humanity’s deepest questions and dilemmas.

There is one master who shines brighter than anyone else, and has been my guiding light ever since. For sixteen years I lived with him as his servant and disciple. He became like a father to me, and my best friend. He totally changed my life.

With outstanding love, he shared again and again the innermost knowledge of the tantras and how their most basic truth is available to all of us in each moment. He placed the key to enlightenment right in the palm of my hand. He was perfect.

My life is integrally bound with his gentleness and timeless insight. Thanks to his kindness he is part of my own heart, how I view life. He has slipped under my skin.

I never met anyone so unburdened, so confident in being free.
His name was Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

It is now my joy to witness his daily gifts of unconditional gentleness that lies right behind every living moment. And it is his groundless compassion I see as the nature of everyone’s heart -- your’s as well as mine.

It is my intention that all the tales, metaphors and situational teachings unfold in an atmosphere of the values and insights I have received from others.

As the buddha said, "All good qualities grow from following a true spiritual guide.”

Let this book open with the wish that all true masters may live long.

With love, Erik

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